soundchoreography. Electroacoustic composition for 7 speakers, 7-channel-tape

2003-2004, Germany, © Ellen Fellmann
length: 11 min
soundmaterial (Viola) by Charlotte Hug
concept/ composition/ edit/ mix: Ellen Fellmann
Realization at the Electronic Studio of the Technical University Berlin

The physical presence of musical bodies and its movements in space are worked up into an abstract sound choreography with musical techniques where movements are treated like motifs. The central category of this piece is movement in different ways: The emergence and development of musical movement (pulse, movement, sound, melody, polyphony and their fragmentation) as well as a dancing-choreographic dealing with sound in the space (points, lines, bows, circles and more complex forms of movements, destructions and new formation).Different power structures of the musical bodies in space emerge.

__Kunsthalle Darmstadt in the course of Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik 2004
__Sophiensaele Berlin during the Festival Ultraschall - Das Festival für Neue Musik in January 2005
__Pfefferberg Berlin in the course of a portraitconcert Ellen Fellmann, with Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin in cooperation with the Electronic Studio of TU Berlin, Ohrenstrand 2010
__Radialsystem V Berlin in the course oft he concert EXTENDED COMPOSITIONS, 2015