Audiovisual monochromy (Audiovisual electroacoustic composition)
Presentation also as Video-Sound-Installation in Blackbox/ cube

Morocco / Germany 2005 / 06 (2.Version)
Length 10 min
Format Master: DV / stereo (multichannel divided)
Musicians: violoncello: Cordula Rohde, viola: Charlotte Hug
Soundrecording: Peter Hecker
Concept / composition / camera / edit / mixing: Ellen Fellmann
Realized at the Electronic Studio of the Technical University Berlin
© Ellen Fellmann

This work is inspired by an experiance in the Sahara. Moved sand and sound-movements of viola and violoncello build the material. The irritation of the perception is the central question of this work. The form is structured wavy. The interactions between space/image-movements and space/sound-movements occur through the combination of linear and cyclic movements.

Waveform Diagramm

__ZKM Karlsruhe (Center for art and technology of media)
in the course of the festival Next generation, June 2005 (1. Version)
__Maison de l’architecture Paris, Cité européenne des Récollets, December 2006 (2. Version)
__New York, Abrons Center in the course of NYCEMF/ New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, 2014