Audiovisual electroacoustic composition

Paris / Germany 2006
Length 4 min 30
Format Master: DV / stereo
Musicians: violoncello: Cordula Rohde
Soundrecording: Peter Hecker
Concept / composition / camera / edit: Ellen Fellmann
© Ellen Fellmann

Ths sounds produced by Violoncello were digitized and transformed with an electroacoustic instrument and composed at the same time with the moving images (grass). The processes of abstraction in image and sound take the opposite course. The musical basic material occurs not untill the end in its original untreated shape, on the other hand the visual basic material gets more and more destilled in the course. The audiovisual composition plays with the ambivalence of abstraction and concretion and can be described as a musical composition extended by moving images.

Waveform Diagramm

__Maison de l’Architecture, Paris, Dezember 2006
__emotion, exhibition in the gallery GAS Station Berlin, 2008 - 2009
__Beethovenfest Bonn, competiton “Look at Beethoven”, 2009
__Berlin Pfefferberg / Ohrenstrand, portraitconcert of Ellen Fellmann with audiovisual compositions, 2010
__Istanbul in Borusan Music House/ Radiale Nacht, 2012
__NEUEZUHGÄNGE_ exhibition in the Gedok gallery Berlin, 2015