Miniatur : Prägnanz 1.part of the trilogy: Prägnanz-Streuung-Hitze

audiovisual electroacoustic composition (overhead contact lines, percussion and piano)

(engl. title of the trilogy: consiceness- scattering - heat)

Germany 2000
Length 3 min 40
Format Master: DV / stereo
© Ellen Fellmann

The pictures here are treated like musical elements. The filmpictures (overhead contact lines), the percussion and the piano jointly form the instrumentation of the composition. Musical techniques are transferred to the pictures, filmic techniques are applied to the music. Both, the acoustically produced sounds and the pictures are moulded through digital processing techniques as overlaying, fastening, slowering, stretching, compressing, double exposure, etc. so that the audiovisual composition emerges in layers as it is being edited.

Waveform Diagramm

__Internationales Videofestival Bochum 2001
__Presentation of the Organisation l'Apocope in Marseille/ France 2001
__Presentation in Künstlerhaus Wien/ Austria in the course of the exhibition abstraction now 2003
__Das Paradiesprojekt Berlin Oktober 2003
__Kulturbrauerei Berlin/ Kesselhaus in the course of the festival Wie es ihr gefällt October 2004
__Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt August 2004
__Maison de l’architecture Paris, Cité européenne aux Récollets, December 2006