Audiovisual electroacoustic composition

Paris / Germany 2006 / 07 (2: Version)
Length: 7 min 30
Format Master: DV / stereo
Musicians: string ensemble: Ensemble Resonanz
Soundrecording: Peter Hecker
Concept / composition / camera / edit: Ellen Fellmann
Musical part realized at Elektronisches Studio der Technischen Universität Berlin
Advice soundprocessing: Folkmar Hein
© Ellen Fellmann

“Red wind”, produced through camera-movement constitutes the visual basic material. With a sound vocabulary for strings I recorded sounds - related to sounds of wind - and reworked them digitally. The sound- and visual material emerge step by step and at the same time it is staggered shiftet, while increasingly the repeated elements occur shortened and the sound spectrum gets extended in both directions. The constant variation keeps tension until culmination. The piece starts with a silent “flashback”.

Waveform Diagramm

__Maison de l’Architecture, Paris, Dezember 2006 (1. Version)
__premièred and awarded at 34. International Competition of Electroacoustic Music Bourges, France June 2007
__Berlin Pfefferberg / Ohrenstrand, portraitconcert of Ellen Fellmann with audiovisual compositions, 2010
__Istanbul at Borusan Music House/ Radiale Nacht, 2012
__Berlin Kunstquartier Bethanien, exhibition EXTENDED COMPOSITIONS, 2015

__IMEB Bourges 2007, 34. Concours Internationaux de musique et d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques - Catégorie Quadrivium, oeuvre pour le multimédia.